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We take our inspiration from all around us the natural world, cityscapes, vintage papers, and clean minimalist design.  It all attracts our eye and shapes how we design our digital organization products.

So if you’re shopping for a specific type of product or just browsing by design, let your eye wander to the many possibilities of our digital planning world to transform intentions into reality. 

Synthesize your life and organize your micro goals


Easily usable with any device and compatible with all PDF annotation apps. Quick and smooth navigation thanks to over 25.000 hyperlinks.

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Discover how easy gonna be your life once you try our sophisticated digital products. Know all the benefits and get organized, helps relieve stress, plan goals & create your best life mindset.


With our products, you will get a completely free ebook. Success rituals will help you and guide you in achieving your goals and master your emotions.


Happy with my purchase,really easy and the product is simply amazing. Thanks you !

Sara Lincon

Super high quality planner, lovely stickers and the ebook too is really intresting. One of my best purchases in my life

Maria Feviloon

I bought the bundle for my daughter who goes to collage. She loves it!

Whilliam Matiste

Finally the best way to organize my life. very simple, easy to use and pleasant experience.

Kevin Strorash

Love the stickers, covers are simply perfect and really enjoy to fill all the planner. Really helpful.

Jassie Singh

This planner is probably the best one that i've ever tried. Minimal style which i love and really smooth with the navigation. Modern style too

Samantha Kefron
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
Digital Student Planner Bundle
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It is of Fundamental Importance today to organize one’s own life. Proper discipline allows students to achieve the micro goals that they fix daily, monthly and annually. How many times have you forgotten to do something you set out to do? Many times… I can imagine, it happened to me too but since I learned to be disciplined, my life has changed. I am more energetic, happy, satisfied and with less effort I can ORGANIZE MY LIFE.

That’s why I prepare for you my personal and approved digital planner. My daughter fell madly in love with it and thanks me every time for this treasure that I have produce accurately with my hands and now, I make it available to you, updated with new features and super rich hyperlinks to facilitate the navigation. You can thank me privately later, don’t worry. 😊

The planner runs from Monday to Sunday!

And that’s not all, I’ll also GIFT you an EBook entitled "Success Rituals" and 30 Resume Templates, find more information in picture number 5.

I’m sure they can be useful for your school career and beyond.



✔ Includes Free EBook and Free Resume Templates

✔ Undated Hyperlinked Student Planner Minimalist (600+ Pages)

✔ 700+ Digital Bullet Journal stickers for Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc

✔ 60 digital covers

✔ Course Menu, List Menu, Holiday Menu, Notes Menu, Divider Menu, Semester Overview

✔ Daily Planner 2022 2023

✔ Weekly Planner 2022 2023

✔ Yearly Planner 2022 2023



✔ 2022 2023 Undated Digital Student Planner

✔ 20,000 Hyperlinks to make navigation

✔ Quick Index Pages to access day to day information

✔ 700+ pre-cropped Stickers for Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf etc..

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1. This is an instant download - there is no physical product shipped to your address.
2. This Files are for personal use only, and may not be resold, redistributed, copied or used for commercial purposes.



  • Compatible with Apple, Android, and Microsoft devices
  • Compatible with IPads/Tablets, Smartphones, and desktop/Laptop computers
  • This planner is designed to be used with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, Notes Writer etc.
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Happy Planning!